August 24, 2007

One-Half way through FPO at the ILC on MLC Lane in VA for an ISC family with the IMB...

The Gilpin family is current in Rockville, VA (right outside Richmond). We are at a place known as the International Learning Center (ILC) which is located on Missionary Learning Center Lane (MLC Lane). For those of you who may not know, we are International Mission Board (IMB) personnel who serve in the International Service Corp (ISC) status. Currently we have numerous singles and families training with us for mission work all over the world. We are almost one half the way through a two months of intense training known as Field Personnel Orientation (FPO). This training will assist us in crossing cultures as well as growing closer to Christ. Our time here will end at the beginning of October. In mid-October (the current tentative date set is the 17th) we will be leaving for Brazil for about 36 months.

As we begin this journey, our family can truly say that we have felt God presence and heard His voice speak to our hearts. This has been in part because of the prayers of the faithful who are bringing intercessions before the Father. Thank you so much for those of you whom have said prayers on our behalf.