November 16, 2007

We have arrived...

The Gilpin family is now in Brazil. It has been hot, frustrating, wonderful days. We arrived safe and sound with fourteen suitcases, eight carry-on items, two car seats, a stroller, two wonderful children, and two tired adults on a Tuesday less than three weeks ago. After spending a few days in a guest house, we moved in to our spacious apartment. The apartment is in a great location and extremely safe but also noisy due to a main road. With the purchase of a few air conditioners, a number of ceiling fans, and other items, we have made a home for ourselves. The two little ones have settled into a wonderful private Brazilian school and are doing well. The adults start language class on Monday and are anticipating long hours of study.

The past few weeks have been good but hard for the Gilpin Family. Transitioning to a new culture has been difficult, especially for Matthew. Continue to pray for good days and for God's peace to be on whole family. Pray in particular for Matthew.