April 11, 2009


The town of Breves, 80,000 population (with one Baptist church, for now)

Life has been busy. I just returned from two river ministry trips by boat. On the first trip, three other missionaries and I trained several local churches in Evangelism and Discipleship at a retreat during the week of Carnival. We had one hundred twenty in attendance (adults, youth, and kids) and celebrated a joint baptism with eleven being baptized. Twenty-four persons accepted Christ for the first time (the last two worship services were open to the community) and many committed their lives to serve the Lord faithfully by winning and making disciples or committing to full time Christian service. The second trip was with a volunteer team from Michigan. We saw One Hundred forty seven decisions for Christ in the four rural towns we visited. We also trained a large number of young adult believers in personal evangelism. Please pray for the church in Breves as they follow-up with the new believers and begin new mission congregations in two locations. Finally, Andy and I have seen great movement in the revamping of the Equatorial Baptist Seminary's basic program.

Fish for dinner (the whole fish)

One of three river villages where we witnessed house to house

Our team has created a webpage. It is still in the works but take a look.