September 19, 2011

Christ in the eyes of children...

 Tara and I love to see our Lord and Savior through the eyes of our children.  It is a blessing to the see the faith of our children grow.

calvary in the eyes of a little man...
(Sam says the center cross has the blood of Christ on it)

The      CHRISTAN    Seed
Once upon a time there was a seed. All the big flowers would say,” you are so small seed. You will never grow.” And the seed would say,   ”do   not complain for the lord has made you.” They would keep on laughing and laughing because they thought he was being silly. 10 years had passed by   and the tiny seed had grown into a big strong tree. All the flowers praised him but he said, “praise the lord for he made me this way.  And all the flowers became Christians.      THE END   BY- LYDIA GILPIN