December 31, 2012


“Therefore be imitators of God…” Ephesians 5:1

Do you remember when you were younger and you played ‘make believe?’  Who did you pretend to be?  Was it a superhero or a sports star?  Was a teacher or a fireman?  Whatever it may have been, it is unlikely that you currently don a princess costume or a cap.  Nevertheless, many in the world and some in the church continue to play make believe day after day. 

A short time ago, the youth and I spent an evening discussing how many of us struggle with being who God created us to be.  It became obvious through our conversation that each of us could name countless people who seem to wear many faces.  You know the type of person, one who seems to assume one role at church and another home or one whose personality seems to change based on situation and location.  In our fallen state, it is understandable for one to emulate a person whom he or she admires or to copy others to feel as if one fits in.  However, as Christian we are called to be different… we are charge with a momentous task, to be imitators of the living God!  As we begin this new year let us resolve to stop allocating so much of our time an energy to continue juggling the many faces we display to others and let us instead focus on being who God created us to be.

It is my prayer that God grant each of us daily grace to be imitators of God.