February 20, 2013


"He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and burst their bonds apart."
Psalms 107:14
So often the book of Psalms’ poetic imagery expresses Godly truths in a graceful and elegant manner.  In the hundred and seventh psalm, the psalmist identifies some of the most common calamities encountered by mankind and shows how God attends to those that struggle beneath them.  In the midst of this passage we observe the goodness of God toward those in captivity.  The portrayal is of one who sits in darkness (v.10), desolate and in bondage as a result of rebellion against God.  Yet, the Father in Heaven has compassion for He brings them out of darkness into light and removes that which restrains them (v.14).  

As I read this, it brings to mind the state of so many in our world today.  For you see, the Bibles describes those who do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, as those who are enslaved and bound by sin and sinful desire.  Furthermore, Scripture tells us that those living in this state are deceived, for the individual is certain that he or she has chosen this condition and in it he or she has found freedom.  

As a Christian, I am heartbroken that so many are imprisoned and shackled to sin without recognizing the situation and its danger.  I am furthermore dismayed by the Church’s reaction.  Was it not once chained?  Was it not once imprisoned? Did God not provide liberty to those within its body?  Did he not break the bonds of sin which restrained each individual?  Yet the universal church and so many within its body have forgotten the goodness of the Lord.  As one who is tasked with leading the Youth of Millen Baptist, I have endeavored to communicate to the youth the liberty and freedom found in Christ as well as the condition of the fallen among us.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, let our hearts again be humbled and broken.  Let us call the sinner to awaken and discover guilt and misery in which he or she resides. Let us again make every attempt to present the gospel as the only means of deliverance.  And let us again cry out in thanksgiving to our merciful God, who through Jesus Christ has delivered each one of us from the power of sin and who continues to conform us to the likeness of His Son.