August 12, 2014

Robin Williams... another victim of the fallen world

It was with sadness that I write... for I heard of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  Of course, today, social media, the talking-heads, the news media, and so many are chiming in on the life and death of this brilliant comedic artist.

I for one, found joy in the off-beat view of the world expounded by Robin.  He saw this world in an interesting light and communicated it in an unconventional, often quirky, but always hilarious manner.  At times this view was irreverent and profane, which I cannot condone, but even at these times his humor spoke of the human condition and ridiculousness that is life.  

As I contemplate this life taken at the hand of this man... I think it important to note that ones eternal fate is not contingent on ones ability to hold on to God... rather ones eternal condition is based on God and his ability to fulfill His promises. Each person is given the choice to accept or refuse God's path to reconciliation. For this reason, suicide is not an unforgivable sin. The only unforgivable sin is denying God... ignoring the call of God's spirit on ones heart and soul.

With all this said, metal illness is a result of the fallen world. It is not a thing to be dismissed or ignored. It is a sickness that so often is marginalized, causing one to choose to retreat rather than to seek assistance. It's causes are so varied... from sinful action of one on another, to a chemical imbalance, to even a demonic influence, and so much more... but its result are the same, one eventually comes to a place of hopelessness.   Now, understand, I am not saying that mental illness is caused by a lack of faith... it is caused by a variety of things and biological component / chemical imbalances often in play. However... sin is the great factor.  I do believe this, the world was created perfect... and when mankind brought sin into the world... all of creation fell. Everything was marred by sin.... our minds, our make-up, our biology, our bodies show signs of the sickness of sin... of the plague of imperfection. 

As it pertains to this event... I do believe it sad, when anyone, loses hope to the point of suicide. That is my point.  This my friends is the worst part of news of the death of the brilliant man... for in Christ Jesus he had hope... we all have hope. We have a living hope and too many with issues do not seek or see this hope.

As to the genius that was Robin Williams, I only hope he chose, during one of his moments of clarity, to accept Christ.