November 22, 2016


When confronted with an inquiry about loving ones fellow man, Jesus told a story full of symbolism and truth.  This parable, known as the Good Samaritan, was meant to teach the Jewish audience that loving others is not about loving when it’s easy but when it’s challenging and difficult.  The hearers of the moral tale would have predicted either the priest or the Levite to stop and assist the injured man.  These men, who knew the one-true God, were after all spiritual experts.  Instead, the champion of the story was a despised outsider, a Samaritan.  He not only aids the injured man but spends his own wealth to provide continued care.  Jesus’ call to the audience was a invitation recognize that loving others means looking past the obvious and seeking to love without reservation. 

As a follower of Christ, to love is more than caring for the people one already likes or those with who, be fond of, is easy.  No, it calls for one to love counterculturally, that is to love others… even the unkind, unkempt, unapproachable, and unlovable.  If one is passionately in love with God and His love is growing inside, then this love, though housed internally, will be externally evidenced. 

Accordingly, as a Christ-follower, each one must ask himself or herself, “What steps am I taking to show the love of Christ to all?”     It is all too easy to walked past a person in need, either literally or figuratively, and overlook them.  Loving them means love does not have a limit.  It may require a sacrifice of time, energy, or resources… it may be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and awkward but that kind of love is a testimony of the