August 28, 2017


…Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,.”  John 6:68

In our time on Wednesday, the Millen Baptist youth are working their way through a study on truth.  What is truth?  Who decides what is true?  Is there a standard of truth?  It is an unfortunate reality that many in this fallen world want to believe that truth is relative.  People want to do, as it says in the seventeenth chapter of Judges. “… what is right in [their] own eyes.” As we study, we have come to accept, to be convinced that truth resides in God alone!  

When I ponder on the fact that in God, in Christ one finds the “only” source of truth and life I am humbled to know Him (John 14:6). I am truly grateful to know Him and His ways.  It reminds me of a statement by Simon Peter, the brash, bold disciple.  Although Peter’s brazenness, at times, got him in trouble, his plain language in the sixth chapter of John gets to the heart of the matter.  In verse sixty-eight, Peter says, "Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the reality that our God is the truth-giver should drive each of us to seek Him.  For in Him and Him alone rest the truth that can bring freedom to the captive... that can bring light to the darkness... the one place that quenches the thirst of the spiritually parched... the One and Only who brings life to the spiritually dead.  As a praise chorus says, “You can have the whole world but give me Jesus!”