September 15, 2007

The Visa Trilogy (our saga continues to continue)

The saga of visas continues. After a discussion with Brazilian Consulate, Tara and I need to provide a authenticated will-not-evangelize the indigenous population letter (which we were told did not need authentication) along with authenticated proof of one-year Kentucky residence (also provided but not authenticated). For this reason, on Monday for we must travel again to D.C. (two hour plus trip) to get three document notarized, then the notary authenticated, then to the U.S. Department of State for federal authentication, and finally to the Brazilian Consulate to drop off the documents all by 12:30pm. However, we were told if done with proper payment the passports with visas could be sent out on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Please Pray! The visa process has been long and taxing on Tara and I for this next trip will be our third to D.C. for visa in the last month. Hopefully, I can email you need week to say visas are in hand. However, as we both know, all this is in the hand of one who knows best and He will provide them at the right time. Thank your for your intercession before our Father in Heaven and for your thoughts.