October 9, 2007

A Conclusion In Sight

Honor and Glory be given to the One who deserves it. Though our visas are not in our hands, we have as of tonight received good news. A short but long sought after email from the Washington, D.C. Brazilian Consulate office arrived at one minute till eight. It simply said, " Very dear Missionary Gilpin , This is to inform you that your Missionary Visa applications have been approved and we will issue your visa during this week." The granting of the visa is a work of our Father in heaven and to Him we give all the glory! Long ago he gave us a heart for the people of Latin America. He narrowed that focus a year ago for the people of northern Brazil. Now, in this moment he has shown His faithfulness and brought us the final piece of paper which will allow us to minister to His people. We are so humbled by His continued faithfulness as well as for His love for us and the people of Brazil.