February 5, 2009

The Love Of Our Savior

On Thursday, February 5, 2009… at 8:30 pm, Brazil time, my sweet little girl answered the call of her heart and asked Jesus Christ to be her personal Savior.

For some time now, Lydia has been inquisitive and asking questions about Christ. We have attempted to answer those questions using the vocabulary at her level but with the deep ideas rooted in the scriptures. Over and over, we have attempted to be patient with her questions as she wrestled with the gospel message. We have attempted to live a life that pointed toward the gospel. We have encouraged relationship with Christian adults and children where she could see the gospel lived out. We have spent many nights in prayer for her salvation. However, though we did all this the thing that won the heart of my daughter was the love of her Savior.

For you see, she was not won over by watching perfect parents or by living on the mission field near some of the most godly people I have ever known. She was not persuaded by theological arguments. Lydia Jane was brought into the kingdom of light from the kingdom of darkness because the Creator of the all that is cared enough to speak to the hear of a little girl.

Thank you God for you God for your grace… for loving us even when we deserve your wrath. Thank you for my dear Christian sister and my daughter Lydia.