May 11, 2010

The Joy in Obedience…

Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Neither are your ways My ways," declares the LORD

Obedience... is this one of those antiquated works like submission. Is it politically incorrect to be obedient by submitting to the will of God? Whether or not people in today’s world see obedience as an old-fashioned term unneeded in our modern world it is an expression of a biblical mandate.

I write this because the past several months have required us to display this particular attribute. As many of you know, just a few months ago, we were notified by our IMB leadership that we would not be granted a new contract and therefore, we would no longer be missionaries with the IMB. We were assured again and again that this did not reflect on our performance as missionaries but was a response to the current financial situation as well as the re-structuring and re-focus of the IMB. So, with reluctance, we began to plan to return permanently to live in the United States. Tara and I initiated a job search and spent much time in prayer seeking God’s will for our future ministry in the United States. After several emails and
months of searching, we still lacked true direction or any genuine job prospects. In spite of this, we continued to seek God’s direction as the door for further service with the IMB had been closed. So, again,we felt as if we were embarking on a journey into the unknown.

A few weeks ago, I (Matthew) received an email from out of the blue. The leader of the Amazon Basin region dropped a bombshell. He stated that a position with the IMB had been created and he believed that it would be best filled by me. Before sending this email, he had spoken to the leadership in Richmond and secured permission to offer the job to us. The remarkable thing about this new job is that it does not require us to change our lives drastically. For you see, the person filling this job needs to live in the city we live.

After much prayer and Godly advice, we feel the Lord is leading us to return to Brazil within this new position. So, beginning next year and for three years after that we will be fulfilling the job of Logistics and Educational Specialist for the Real Eastern Amazon Peoples. Please pray with us as we continue to be on this journey of faith and obedience.