December 12, 2013

I want to be offensive...

I was wondering does my life offend you?  Is profession I have chosen make you want to disassociate youself from me?  Does the fact that I believe the Bible is a book that is totally true and one which instructs us how to live life, offend you?  Do you think I am narrow-minded?  Stupid for believing what you think is a myth?  Do you think I am sexist or homophobic?  Do you think I am offensive?

I do not want anyone to think that I do not appreciate them as person and love them.  However, I have issue with others being disturbed by my beliefs.  I do not mind disrupting others lives with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  So often today people do not want to offend.  Many believe that if you love you must accept... that is not love.  Love is being strong enough to be offensive for the benefit of others.  I truly believe that it is more than acceptable to be a disrupting force in anothers life for the cause of Christ!

So... I want to be offensive if it means that others see Christ!