December 31, 2013

Not just another new year’s Resolution...

“… You are not your own, for you were bought with a price...”              1 Corinthians 6:19-20

As we enter 2014, many among us have determined that we will change.  We have made New Year’s resolutions.   We have chosen to begin anew in one aspect or another.  Whether we have chosen to exercise more or to read through the entire Bible, many of us have chosen to do things differently.  

As we begin another year, filled with anticipation of a better life, let each of us who call Christ our Savior remember the point at which we began anew spiritually.  Let us remember that with this decision our life began anew and this new life cannot be like the old.  How we chose to live must change.  We must realize that in this new life our choices are not our own to make.  Too many have the notion that after accepting Christ they can go on choosing how to live their lives.  They treat the salvation experience as many people treat a New Year resolution, a non-binding agreement.  This belief is both inaccurate and offensive.  You see my brother and sisters, our life anew was bought with a price, a great price.

So often, we hear that we were ‘bought with a price’ and visualize death and suffering of Christ.  As we enter the New Year and leave yet another Christmas season behind, let us change that approach and see it in a new way.  For you see, the cost was not just seen in the cross but also in the cradle.  The Son of God had to leave perfection and unity with the Father to enter as a babe into the fallen, sinful world.  My brothers and sisters, let us take a new look at cost and let us see the great price paid by the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Let us be resolute to relinquish control and resolved to live a life that displays the cost of the cradle and the cross.