March 20, 2014


“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth...”        II Timothy 2:15

As an individual, I am committed to the person of Jesus Christ and glorifying Him every moment of every day.  As the Pastor to Students’, I am charged with my task of creating an environment where the young within our congregation can understand the Bible so that they can place their trust in Christ to forgive them and to daily guide them.  This task is becoming ever more important as the culture assaults the church and slowly infiltrates its ranks.  It is unfortunate that many people have an inaccurate picture of Christianity and the church in their minds.  What is even more troubling is that many who label themselves as Evangelical Christians also have an erroneous view.  Statistics reveal that many who attend an Evangelical Church maintain that many religions can lead to eternal life and that over one-third do not believe that the Bible is literally true word for word. 

As a minister of the gospel at Millen Baptist, I want to challenge each of us to become informed, biblical Christians.  As we battle the fallen world, let us not be those who claim faith but do not have it. Let us be champion of the faith and its tenants.  My brothers and sisters, a biblical faith is a faith that is informed by the Bible. Therefore, we must truly understand the scriptures and implement them correctly. We must be students of the faith and be those informed by it.  It is my calling, to be one who teaches others as they strive to become more Christ-like.  It my hope that each of us who call ourselves Christians will begin to understand the will of God as found in the Bible and apply this to our world in a godly way.  If this is done, the church will be a force with which to reckon.  If as each Christian church and its members dive deep into the Word of God, then the church as a whole will grow to be influential figures in their respective communities... instruments which shape lives for the cause of Christ.