February 1, 2014


"I appeal to you …to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God… Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed….”    Romans 12:1-2

The more I spend time in Scripture and living, the more it has become abundantly clear that the way of the world does not promote self-sacrifice.  The world, since the fall, has encouraged vanity.  It has persuaded the individual of his or her self-importance and has fostered a culture self-idolization.  With each generation, this self-centered mentality seems to advance. In today’s youth culture this philosophy is flourishing. The world today is promoting and encouraging the worship of self and the abandoning of faith.  

The question for each Christ-follower is this… will they buy into philosophy or will they challenge it.  I have attempted to encourage to the youth to protest the ways of the world and to live a life of faith even when it all does not make sense.  This is a call to self-denial.  It is a call to abandon self and to follow God.  Just like so many person spoke of in scripture, each Christian is called to respond with faith to the world around him or her.  It may seem abnormal, it may go against the grain but we must risk becoming a social pariah if we are to alter the status quo.

Just as I challenge the youth of Millen Baptist, I ask each person who reads this to do likewise, to defy the fallen world, to refuse to conform to its ways.  Let each of us display a radical faith and live a life of self-denial in a world of self-indulgence. So, are you willing?