May 30, 2014


“1 Samuel 8:7. "...They have not rejected you; they have rejected me as king."

Many times, as Christians in the modern world, we read a biblical text and think to ourselves, "how could these people not follow God when he so clearly reveals himself?"  One such instance is found early in the book of Samuel.  As the prophet is aging, the people looked to the future and see little hope. Although Samuel is only a mouthpiece for the living God, the people do not call for another messenger rather they plead for one to rule over them.  They tell Samuel that they desire for him to "appoint a king to rule them, just like everybody else." 

To many of us, we see the request for a human king to replace the King of Kings as a strange and even idiotic request.  How could those have experienced the power of the Almighty over and over abandon the source of that power?  My brothers and sisters in Christ, let s not be too quick to condemn.  Let us not pass judge so easily, for we are guilty of the same transgression.  We also abandon God.  Just as the people of God refuse the counsel of the God-called man, we often ignore the voice of God spoken thru His servants.  The nation declared"...We will have a king to rule us! Then we'll be just like all the other nation,"  Is not this not the mantra of the world and even the church today?  Do not many of those claiming Christ also desire to just like the world around them.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, our task is to be those who sway the culture not those swayed by it.  Our desire should be for God approval and worldly affirmation.  We should be willing to feel the sting of rejection knowing it is not us who other reject rather it is the Spirit which resides within.  Let us learn from the story found in Samuel and let each one of us enthrone Christ as the King of our hearts and lives.