June 2, 2014

More than conquerors…

“… we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”        Romans 8:37 

It sometimes seems as if we live in a world where the secular culture reigns.  The morality and values once held by the majority seems to have been relegated to the minority.  On so many issues, it appears as if the church has not only lost the battle but has lost the war too.  One such current issue which pits the church against cultural trends is the issue of homosexuality.  The culture is saying that all should accept the choices of two consenting adults as it pertain to the institution of marriage.  In contrast, the scripture clearly defines marriage as an institution created by God which is to be entered into by a man and a woman.  So what are we to say?  What are we did do?  Is the battle over?  Has the church lost on this issue?  It is easy to fill defeated when we look at the culture and the world around us.  It seems much simpler to just hunker down and ride out the storm.  But is this the answer?  Is this response which should be given by Christians?  I am convinced that the Bible tell Christians to live as victorious conquerors.  My brothers and sisters, we must live out the words of scripture.  We must live out the victorious life for others to see.

Over the past year, the youth department at our church has been piecing together the picture of a person with a Christian worldview.  We have been searching the scriptures so that we may become informed Christians that think like informed Christians.  Over and over again, we have come to see during this study that what we feel and believe is often in error.  It is my desire that the youth and each one of us learn of the victory we have in Christ and daily put into practice this reality.

It is my call to you ALL to live with a certainty that we as individuals and the church as a whole has been, is, and will forever be victorious over the ways of this fallen world.