February 12, 2018


Luke 1:37
“For nothing will be impossible with God."

It is a premise for most things that if one does the fundamentals well then one will do the task well. To be an author one must know how to write well. To be a basketball player one must know how to dribble and to shoot. To be a cook one must have a basic knowledge of how to cook certain meats and vegetables and what flavors go good together. It is the same with faith. If we are to walk with the Lord we must understand and live out the basic tenets of our face.

One such precept is that the Lord is sovereign.  The belief that all of creation is under the rule of God is central to Biblical Christianity.  Recognizing that nothing happens without His direction or permission is to grasp sovereignty.  However, as one lives his or her daily live, without the pressures that that brings, it is hard to live out the sovereignty of God.  It is difficult to forgo worry.  It may even be a more amazing feat to abdicate control with the understanding that it was never really yours.  Yet, if you and I are to truly live for Christ, we must live the fundamental principle that with God all things